The Art to be - Ein Song von Annerose De Cruyenaere.

Gefilmt von Marcel De Cruyenaere,in Leipzig und München.

Editing/Schnitt von Annerose De Cruyenaere.

Über Kunst und Lebenskunst. The Art to be is being me!!

He moved in with a circus tent

And a piano that was white

With words that were so different

I didn’t get them quite

Those words were burned into my mind

Into a little girl’s heart, deep enshrined

Words just don’t come easy,

Sometimes word’s don’t come at all

Then again we find the words

That can break through the wall

Words inspired and well timed

That reach out for the wisdom that’s behind

The years go by, we meet in cafés, churches and at graves

And talk about the other side

Trying not to be afraid

Sensing Angels near and far

Wondering how an angel could ever be portrayed

If you have to make decisions

And don’t know where to go

Just ask yourself the question: “Is it crazy enough?”

And if it’s so, all other things will flow

Cause this is true for you and this is love

You are showing me the art to be

The only art to be

The only art to beis being me

Annerose De Cruyenaere

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