A song about Salvation Mountain in the desert of California.

Lyrics & Music by ©Annerose De Cruyenaere.

Photography: ©Annerose & Marcel De Cruyenaere, Cinematography: ©Marcel De Cruyenaere

Editing: Annerose De Cruyenaere ©2018

Salton Sea

Oh heat please burn my memories out of me

my sticky burdens smell like the Salton Sea

my throat is dry, there’s nothing words could say

Oh desert storm just blow it all away

Desert Rocks

I might stay here and just become a freak

Tough skin, wild hair, and no more memories

Forget my name and just refuse to speak

Just loose myself and my identity

Suggestive Forms

The desert is the place of revelation

My fantasy goes wild in light and space

Clouds have meaning and the rocks have faces

I’m loosing it, maybe it’s dehydration

Salvation Mountain

A colored mountain shines at the horizon

in yellow, orange, red, blue, pink, and green

painted flowers, birds and hearts arising

Big letters “GOD IS LOVE” over the scene.

An old guy smiles with happy shiny eyes

He built Salvation Mountain with his hands

with hay and clay and water and supplies

cause people bring him wall paint in big cans

Salvation Mountain

 In Nineteensixtyseven he was praying:

“Jesus, I’m a sinner, please come into my heart,

And God, I started crying like a baby

cause Jesus really came into my heart."

Untitled photo

To love is the most easy thing to do

be nice and people will be nice to you

just LOVE, and then Love gets bigger,too

Love’s gonna spread the world.

Don’t get complicated with love”

he says as we climb up to the mountain cross

and view over the desert from high above

I feel my loving heart, I am not lost

Annerose De Cruyenaere

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