A song and video by Annerose De Cruyenaere. Filming: Marcel De Cruyenaere.

About the chapel Portincula near Assisi, in Santa Maria Degli

Angeli, the place where the Franciscan movement started and

where St. Francis died. It was the favorite place of St. Francis, with

the thick and golden energy of love & forgiveness.

Little chapel Portiuncula

Feel St. Francis’ loving light

Dense and golden atmosphere

Touching me so deep inside

Little chapel, God’s response

I hear the Divine ocean

Millions of pilgrims have been here

Hearts loaded with emotion

Little chapel, realm of grace

Frees me from chains and fears

I feel now where my heart belongs

I thank God for my tears

Little portion, sacred space

Wind in oak trees, smell of thyme

Birds at the windows, join our song

We all praise the Sublime

Little chapel, angels place

Eternal whispers fill the air

God works wonders in new ways

And answers all my prayers

Annerose De Cruyenaere

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