A song by Annerose De Cruyenaere. Photos: ©Annerose De Cruyenaere Editing: Annerose De Cruyenaere

Hanging out with the continuity girl at the movie set.

What is destiny?

Is life a script or is it just a swirl?

Is it written by God, or just brain chemistry?

Isn’t life like a movie script

Where we try to create a flowing stream?

Scenes get clipped or flipped or skipped

Until our movie shows our biggest dream

Walking together on memory lane

Tell me your stories, again and again

We try to tell them before it’s too late

What we lost and what we gained

Trying to make some sense of our fate

There must be a bigger picture, said continuity girl

A vision of love, really mystic and groovy

Like the holy grail, the one precious pearl

And the hero’s journey is there to keep us moving

Annerose De Cruyenaere

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