Blackbird's Desire - lavieannerose

A song by Annerose De Cruyenaere

The blackbird in the dark blue hour sings maddeningly beautiful

I’m so enchanted, overpowered, it stirs the lily of my soul

The other side is breaking through, forgotten dreams out of the blue

Abandoned wishes from the shelf. The wish to really be myself

I want to dance, I want to shine

it’s kicking me out of my shoes

My life is wide, my life is mine

I’m finding what I didn’t loose

I want to get much higher

Something has to happen soon

There is such a deep desire in that blackbird’s mystic tune

A desire that got Romy away from sofa, TV, laundry

Floating in the swimming pool Plunge into love and be a fool

Come on darling, dance with me, this night has such magic glow

Come and taste the sugar cake with sweetest icing of my soul

Come on, let’s be fabulous

cause life is so miraculous

and you are just.... hilarious

Trust into the old green waves let yourself just flow and flow

Trust into the wilderness just go and go and go and go

Trust into your deepest love Trust into your inner call

Trust into your own desire and let yourself just fall and fall

Annerose De Cruyenaere

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