A song by Annerose De Cruyenaere

Hummingbirds over me head

lizards around me feet

you and the sun

is all what I need

Santa Ana wind on my skin

a pareo around my hips

I never get enough

of your marshmallow lips

Picking lemons, mixing smoothies

sweeping blossoms from the ground

talking about stars and movies

like Hollywood is all around

smiles are so easy

mornings are so new

I rewrite my story

make my dreams come true

Sun shines every season

coffees get refilled

the waitress is really thrilled

she doesn’t even need a reason

They wish me to have a good one

generous with compliments

being happy just for fun

dipping into innocence

Sky in a tangerine light

palmtrees rustling in the breeze

soothing me to be at ease

things gonna be alright

An evening on the porch

crazy parrots squeak and squawk

crickets chirping lullabies

hummingbirds go tikikikik (kikikiki....)

Playing guitar at the ocean

scent of California sage

everything is light and motion

I’m forgetting time and age

by Annerose De Cruyenaere

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