Summer of Seventy-seven - lavieannerose

And while mum was combing my hair

She told me the tales on the boat

About Joseph of Arimathea

Who took little Jesus there

To the free Glastonbury Fayre

We walked through a tunnel of trees

The drums played a steady beat

The air filled with patchouly

With woodsmoke and something sweet

The hippies danced naked and free

The Tor could be seen miles away

Tipi tents, horses, and hay

Kites flying, children play

They talked about aliens and leylines

I would always remember this day

Dance in the firelight

In this Zum Zum Zummernight

One more night let’s feel high

Before Elvis Presley dies

Before Rockstars fall from the sky

Summer of Seventy-seven

On the glorious and magical Seventh of the Seventh

Stimulating the earth

With the love of the heavens

Annerose De Cruyenaere

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