A poem by Annerose De Cruyenaere (see also the Song Version "Glastonbury Song").

Tell me, on which path are you on?

Shiobhan is a man with a long blond wig

Shows me the goathead on her big broomstick

She asks me to look deep into her eyes

Hypnotized by empty wide golden skies

My dear, so tell me, what to you see?

Don’t be afraid, don’t judge, Just be!

It’s ok, it’s ok

just come over for a cup of tea

after you’ve talked to your tree

Dunn sleeps in his car, cause music is his life

He skipped his career, was thrown out by his wife

She complained like crazy he would be just lazy

So all he could retain was his little dog Daisy

He fiddles Celtic melodies, and the way he sings

Takes you to a land where the soul has wings

The beautiful Mary wants to combine

male and female energy on the leyline

She got up very early, made it up to the Tor

Sat on the spot that was the altar long before

Was taken by St. Michael in the morning storm

Came down the hill and was new born

He’s the perfect Gentleman in his B&B

“You look great this morning, would you like more tea?”

He shows me magic ways to decorate my room

“Lots of mistletoes to seduce your groom

Special herbs, candles and incense smoke

That will for sure impress your bloke”

So we’re sitting all together in the G&P

With all folks that just wanna be free

You know, Glastonbury will really put you through your stuff.

The rhythms of the drums resonate inside the Tor

I have a deja vu that I’ve been dancing here before

The stars are shining with a fluorescent light

Above the dancing circle in this sacred night

Hand in Hand, and on and on

We thank the Goddess of Avalon

Tell me, on which path are you on?

May you be a Hippie or Morgan le Fay

A druid or the worst basker of the UK

A goddess, a psychic or a pagan witch

May you be poor, may you be rich

Relax from your trip on the dragonline

Warm up at the fire and you’ll be fine

Are you searching for spiritual transformation?

Are you going through some rites of initiation?

Do you learn how to dowse or five rhythm dance?

Are you gone with the fairies or shamanic trance?

Meet your spirit guides at the holy oak?

Or are you here to inhale holy smoke?

It’s ok, it’s ok

Just come over for a cup of tea after

you’ve talked to your tree

Blessed be

Annerose DeCruyenaere

Glastonbury Tor
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