The embrace of silence - lavieannerose
The embrace of silence

She opens up a blue door to my home

In the beauty of language

She lets wonder back in

She names magic things

But in the end and in the beginning

I am just in her arms

As a poet without words

Back in her loving care

The wellspring of love

The waters flowing

And all is well

Words become sounds

And sounds blend with colors

And colors melt into

The perfumes of love

On lips and skin

In a wordless realm

That mystic poets fear like hell

And desire like heaven

Well, sometimes I’m still missing my words

Like someone would miss

One’s own fingertips

But she just looks at me

And her eyes do the poetry

Wherever I am

I am on the safe side

Now I come back to the earth

I’m still in love with my words

Whenever I see a birds’ wings

Underlit by light rising up

Annerose DeCruyenaere

(For the Scottish/Irish mystic poet Jay Landar)


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