Charly Allan - lavieannerose

photographiert von Annerose De Cruyenaere

Charly rocks!

On the Saor Patrol Website:

"Charlie 'Chick' Allan has been playing pipes for a number of years now. While working on the film set of Gladiator the movie, he took a set of bagpipes with him and began to teach himself. By the time they had finished filming the opening scenes where you will see "Chick Allan" brandishing a severed head at his now long time friend Russell Crowe, he had a tune and the scales under his belt. From that point on he has never looked back. And in the face of snobbery went ahead with his Clansmen and brothers in arms and created an original sound never heard before. Along with the current line up they have progressed from strength to strength and have developed an individual style of playing which is quite unique. He has taken the pipes and turned them into a versatile musical instrument ,instead of an "archaic Scottish icon". His powerful playing, pushed to the limits by the huge Drum section, now filled out with the guitar, requires fitness and stamina which he attains through his active life style. An enthusiastic lover of seeing worthy projects through to the end, charlie has been relentless in pushing his dream forward, feeding off his own enthusiasm every time he has been in a position to explain what the trust is all about and what its volunteers intend to do. While others have given up, Charlie has just kept on going even when all odds seemed against him. The people who supported him are now witnessing the results of his determination. Just take a look at the projects site When he talks of the Trust's goals, it is always “We” never “I”. He has been chasing those goals not just for personal achievement, but also for the sake of those around him who as he says, “have shown dedication, respect, honour and trust; trust that I would continue until I came up with the goods” With his strong team of like minded and equally driven Clanfolk they have helped and improved hundreds of peoples lives be it boosting their self esteem and helping people see worth in volunteering for worthy causes to helping people financially in getting qualifications they need to get back into employment see for further information."

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