A Donnish Crush - lavieannerose

His big black hat is hiding

His beauty from transcending me

Too quick and soon

Poets, oh they know about timing

And they love to go slowly

His long black shiny hair dressed in a pony tail

His eyes in the darkest shade of brown

Floating in the white like in the halo of the moon

Poets, oh they know how to

Turn me upside down

His lips too red and full for a man of the church

His velvet coat is soaked with frankincense smoke

His smooth cheeks smell like walking under pine trees

At a summer morning when the sun gets hot

And dew drops surrender themselves for a libation

He opens up his book just with his fingertips

lace around his strong and delicate hands

He moves closer to me so that we both can see

"The Ecstasy, my dear, please read it to me!"

Annerose DeCruyenaere

"My face in thine eye, thine in mine appears"

 John Donne, The Ecstasy

This portrait of John Donne: National Portrait Gallery, London

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