The Spell of Poetry - lavieannerose

Struggling with a writer’s block

Yearning for serenity

Closing up with a big lock

Hiding in a library

Living underneath a rock

staring lonely at the sea

Is that the price for poetry?

Now I open when they knock

Disturbing me entirely

Needing me around the clock

I’m scribbling in my diary

That’s how I write my poetry

I’m writing when I pray in church

I’m writing at a party

I’m writing sitting on the porch

It’s easy to be arty

I’m taking part, connect and play

And going for a walk

I keep inside the words you say

The treasures of our talk

So after all I found the spell

Of mixing memory and desire

I’m mixing me, I’m mixing well

cause mixing sparks my fire

I’m living now, time of my life

And weaving in my memory

I am a pilgrim, friend, and wife

That’s how I write my poetry

Annerose DeCruyenaere