Mermaid Secrets - lavieannerose

He knew it would not be easy for a human man

to be married to a mermaid

but he did the right things

He let his mermaid wife stare at the sea

He let her take her time for herself

feeling safe in her own skin

and even if she took a swim

he knew she was in her element

she would know how to survive

what he didn't know was

if she would come back to him

from her ocean

all he could do was trust and pray

She always came back from her swim

and finally she came back to him

and she loved him even more

with all her passion of the ocean waves

And then she gave her sealskin to his cabin

And walked with him hand in hand at the beach

she could not stop staring at him

and he enjoyed listening to

all her little mermaid secrets

Annerose De Cruyenaere

Photo: ©Marcel H. De Cruyenaere

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