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The free Glastonbury Fayre on the glorious and magical 7 7 1977

Photo: Marcel H. DeCruyenaere

Glastonbury July 1977.  There were speculations there would be a free festival.  Some flyers in London suggested that Glastonbury was the place to be on the date of 7 7 77. 

People continued to arrive at  a farmhouse - "Worthy Farm", the location of the legendary festivals at the beginning of the 70ies. To check it out if something would happen here. Oh, those times before the internet!!! How much more adventurous, to have to find out where things are going to happen, or to MAKE them happen. The Hippies were redirected to Street Hill - a hill a couple of miles south of Glastonbury. And there the free Glastonbury Fayre DID happen.

The Glastonburian-Avalonian Bruce Garrards writes about it in his wonderful documentary-book "Free State":

"Here a small free event continued for a week, featuring Nik Turner's band Sphynx, and Here & Now. Several hundred people... came to celebrate the cosmic-sounding date of 7/7/77 on a hill overlooking the Vale of Avalon... The site was long and narrow, with a makeshift stage at one end. It was National Trust land, apparently managed by local Quakers.

... The sun shone, the police kept an eye on things but were friendly and didn't interfere".

"There was an atmosphere of freedom and nakedness".  There were some tankers of water, and a free food kitchen. "Other than that, organisation was not required. Quite a number of those, who were there remembered 7/7/77 as 'one of the best festivals ever' ".

(Quotes:  Bruce Garrard: Free State. Glastonbury's alternative community 1970 to 2000 and beyond, Glastonbury 2014, p.50f).

In those times, and especially in Glastonbury, ideas were popular about sacred geometry, sacred landscapes,  earth energies, and UFO's. Some things never changed in Glastonbury, it's a different kind of time sphere there - magic. At the festival on the date 7 7 77 there was the idea to concentrate the celestial fire (with dance, music, meditation, community etc.) and pump it into the planet to stimulate it, for growths of good things, for love.

We should try that again.

Here the lyrics of my song "Summer of Seventyseven.  Stimulating the earth with the love of the heavens.

Annerose DeCruyenaere

Summer of Seventyseven

Song by Annerose DeCruyenaere

And while mum was combing my hair

she told me the tales on the boat

about Joseph of Arimathea

who took young Jesus there

to the free Glastonbury Fayre

We walked through a tunnel of trees

the drums played a steady beat

the air filled with patchouli

with woodsmoke and something sweet

the Hippies danced naked and free

Summer of Seventyseven

on the glorious and magical

7th of the 7th

stimulating the earth

with the love of the heavens

The Tor could be seen miles away

Tipi tents, horses, and hay

kites flying, children play

they talked about aliens and leys

I would always remember this day

Dance in the firelight

in this Zum- Zum- Zummernight

one more time let's be high

before Elvis Presley dies

before rockstars fall from the sky

Summer of Seventyseven

on the glorious and magical

7th of the 7th

stimulating the earth

with the love of the heavens


   Annerose DeCruyenaere

More pictures, documents and essays about that free festival on the glorious and

magical 7 7 1977 here on the website of UK rockfestivals.

Photos: Marcel & Annerose DeCruyenaere

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