Honey - lavieannerose

Honey, I rule the night

Honey, I’ll be right back.

Honey, you know, I think work is really overrated

Honey, tell me, have you ever been that cute?

Honey, have you been to cute-school as a child?

Honey, God was smiling on that day when he created you

Honey, you are my kind of girl

Honey, we are getting there!

Honey, you are having too much fun here!

Honey, life, like me, is a work in progress

Honey, we have to enjoy the journey.

Honey, you know, there comes a time

Honey, you know what would be fun?

Honey, I have to learn German from a naked speaker

Honey, you’re bringing it all to the front

Honey, the secret is putting fat into muscles

Honey, even your sneezes are cute!

Honey, I love life with you

Honey, you are so fun to be with!

Honey, I like it how you can get excited about small things

Honey, and I even love it how you can get upset about some things!

Honey, I’m not going anywhere, we are still on the same planet!

Honey, put your turtle-shield on!

Honey, I love to hear you laugh

Honey, and I always love to hear you sing.

Honey, I've got a BRILLIANT idea.

Honey, reading all this here, doesn’t it make you feel better about life? (to be continued...)

Marcel H. DeCruyenaere